Tree Guards – 10 Pack


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The tree guard is a plastic mesh tube which is placed over a seedling to help to protect it from browsing and grazing animals. The guards are photo degradable in a 3-year period so they will last until the trees outgrow them. Tree guards are in packs of 10.

For best results, install the tree guard at the time of planting, surrounding the entire seedling. Let several inches of the guard extend several inches above the tree allowing for growth before the top of the tree is exposed. The guard may be raised later to accommodate and protect new growth.

TTree Guardo install, weave a bamboo or wooden stake through the diamond mesh opening of the tube and push the stake into the ground six inches or more so that it is well anchored. For further protection from loosening by wind, tie the tube to the stake with a twist tie or piece of wire. Two stakes may be needed in windy locations.




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