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Douglas Fir – Large Tube


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Rocky Mountain Douglas-fir is a large tree, typically reaching 115-140 ft in height and 3 ft in diameter, with exceptional specimens known to 220 ft tall, and 6 ft diameter. It commonly lives more than 500 years and occasionally more than 1,200 years. The bark on young trees is thin, smooth, gray, and covered with resin blisters. On mature trees, it is moderately thick (1–2.3 in), furrowed and corky.

  • Lot of 30 trees only
  • Container: Large Tube
  • Cold Hardiness: Excellent
  • Drought Resistance: Good
  • Alkalai Tolerance: Fair
  • Windbreak Suitability: Poor
  • Wildlife Suitability: Good
  • Mature Height: 70-100ft
  • Spread: 20-35ft
  • Growth Rate: Slow
  • Lifespan: Long


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