Fertilizer Tablets – 25 Pack


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Package of 25 bleblets. 20-10-5. During the first year of your seedling’s establishment, their need for food isn’t as great as in following years but continuous availability of nutrients is important for the development of healthy roots and vigorous top growth. These compact tablets eliminate the need for additional fertilization for several years. They are a safe, scientifically complete plant food.

Roots will pick up the nutrients which are gradually released by action of soil bacteria. The tablets do not dissolve and may retain their shape even after a year or two in the soil.

Use one tablet per seedling. Position seedlings in the hole. Backfill half way up the root ball. Place tablet beside the root ball about 1 inch above the root tips. Do not place tablet at the bottom of the hole. Complete backfill, tamp lightly and water.



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