We are Jefferson County 4-H Trees, a program of the Jefferson County 4-H Council, working on behalf of the boys and girls who are members of 4-H Clubs in Jefferson County. We offer seedling trees and perennial flower plants to the public in the Denver-metro area and adjoining counties. They are grown by the Colorado State Forest Service at their nursery outside Fort Collins and are sold at nominal prices in fulfillment of the state forest service’s mandate to promote conservation practices in our rural and urban forests. (See Conservation Purposes, below). The plants may be ordered beginning November 1, 2017 and until April 6, 2018. Customers will pick up their orders at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds on April 26, 27, or 28, 2018. Payment must be made when the order is placed. Cancellations are not permitted. (Read more about the ordering process at ABOUT / How to Order).

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Using The Website

Guidance in finding trees and plants is at ABOUT / How to Order. Besides information about an online order, there is also our printed order form, which you may download, print, and mail to us with payment by check. Click on the ABOUT tab for more information about our program and the history of the nursery’s seedling tree program.

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What We Offer For Order

  • Evergreen and deciduous trees grown from seed or cuttings
    In bundles of 25 bareroot plants
    In plastic growing tubes, in lots of 30
    In plastic pots, as individual plants
  • Perennial flower plants and grasses grown from seed
    In plastic growing tubes, in lots of 10
    In plastic pots, as individual plants
  • Planting supplies to aid plant survival and growth
    Slow-release 10-gram fertilizer tablets, in bags of 25, 30, 100
    Water-storing synthetic polymer crystals, in 1-lb. bags
    Photo-degradable plastic mesh protective tubes, in bundles of 10
    Bamboo stakes to support the mesh tubes, in bundles of 25, 30

For details about the tubes and pots, go to ABOUT / Container Descriptions.

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Conservation Purposes

The nursery plants are available to all, but must be used for conservation purposes, which include:

  • Planting shade trees in an effort to reduce air conditioning use
  • Planting more drought tolerant species to reduce use of water
  • Creating pollinator habitat
  • Species diversification in response to insect/disease in current tree populations
  • Creation or maintenance of protective windbreaks or shelterbelts for crops/livestock
  • Creating or enhancing living snow fences or wildlife habitats
  • Reforestation of land after natural disaster
  • Mining reclamation
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Others
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